Residential Cleaning Services

house-cleaningTime is a luxury that most people don’t have. Having a clean home is important to you and can consume most of your time that could be spent with your family and friends. With so many other fun things to see and do right at your doorstep, you do not want to be cooped up in your home scrubbing floors and washing dishes. Milton Cleaning Services is your on demand maid service in Halton Hills Region, Milton, Oakville, Burlington & Georgetown Ontario. We offer a convenient, simple and affordable way to book cleaning services right from your computer, smartphone or tablet. It takes just 60 seconds or less to book a cleaning or at least create yourself a cost quote. You choose the time and place, we will take care of the rest.

Our professionaly trained and bonded cleaners will get right to work to ensure your home is tip top shape. Our standard cleaning includes: bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and all other living areas. Have a sink full of dirty dishes? We will take care of those. Towels and clothes need folding? We have got that covered too. It is the little details that make all the difference, and we go the extra mile to make your home feel like home. As an additional task, we will also clean: laundry, walls, windows, ovens, cabinet interiors, and even the inside of your fridge. Nothing beats the joy of coming home to a clean house. It is the goal of our maid service to bring joy to every home.


Maid Service & House Cleaning

Weekly • Bi/Weekly • Monthly or One Time Move In/Out

Eco Cleaning: All natural household friendly cleaning supplies are used.

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Standard Cleaning Services Include:


  1. Showers/bathtubs rinsed & wiped
  2. Toilets cleaned
  3. Countertops wiped
  4. Sinks, faucets, and fixtures wiped
  5. Mirrors cleaned
  6. Floors mopped and vacuumed
  7. Baseboards dusted
  8. Cabinet exteriors cleaned
  9. Towels neatly hung and/or folded
  10. Reachable vents dusted
  11. Trash emptied



  1. Sinks, faucets, and fixtures wiped
  2. Dishes washed
  3. Microwave exterior and interior cleaned
  4. Countertops and backsplash wiped
  5. Cabinet exteriors wiped
  6. Floors mopped and vacuumed
  7. Furniture and visible surfaces wiped and dusted
  8. Baseboards dusted
  9. Reachable vents dusted
  10. Trash emptied


Other Living Areas

  1. Furniture and visible surfaces wiped and dusted
  2. Floors mopped and vacuumed
  3. Baseboards dusted
  4. Reachable vents dusted
  5. Trash emptied



(services we do not offer)

Due to insurance liability, safety constraints and other considerations we do not offer the following:

  • Lifting items weighing over 25lbs (including large furniture)
  • Dusting and/or vacuuming of ceilings / windows / surfaces outside of normal reach
  • Cleaning outside of windows
  • Cleaning pet messes and/or heavily soiled areas
  • Cleaning of mold and/or biohazardous material
  • Steam cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Deep stain removal
  • Landscaping and/or yard-work
  • Garages and/or patios (aside from basic sweeping)
  • Extermination (insects, etc)


We know that there are days where you just can’t face all the chores that have piled up during the week, and the last thing you want to do it take on a major cleaning of home, office, or even the playhouse in the backyard tree. Give yourself a break and do something higher up the to-do list (like sleep-in!)


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