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How We Use Steam Cleaners to Clean Your House


Milton-Steam-Cleaning-ServicesSteam cleaning can be a great way to keep many of the surfaces in your home spotless. Read on to find out more about steam cleaning!

Did you know that you can use steam cleaners to clean almost every surface in your house? In fact, there are lots of advantages to steam cleaning that might make you wonder why you haven’t included it in your house cleaning routine before.


Mould Removal Using Steam Pressure

Mildew and mould are a problem that every household experiences every once in a while. In general, they can be found in humid places but the most common area where they grow is the bathroom. Due to a combination of high levels of humidity and shampoos, shower gels, etc, this part of the house suffers from mold more often that any other room.

The reason why mold is considered a problem does not evolve from the fact that it is an unattractive sight only, but rather that it poses risks to the health. Exposure to mold can have many short- and long-term effects, for example allergies. It might be that you don’t mind mold, but your guests might have a hard time at your home.

Why mold builds up in the bathroom is very clear. When you take a shower, you tend to use hot water (especially in winter). Hot water causes evaporation, which leads to high levels of humidity in the room. In the meantime, the room temperature goes up too. Moreover, you use shower gels which leave organic residues in the air. This is how mold starts to grow.


Steam cleaning

There are many ways to prevent mold but once it is present, you had better take measures right away. One of the most efficient methods to remove mold from surfaces is using steam pressure. The best part about steam cleaning machines is that they can operate for long periods of time without interruption. They are so good because their temperature is high enough to remove all sorts of dirt and sanitise the surface they are applied to. Hot steam can kill many germs and bacteria, leaving a perfectly cleaned area.

Steam cleaning can be used for many surfaces but not for all, which is why you should be very careful when using this type of cleaning to eliminate dirt. So, steam cleaning is best for grout lines and tiles, but it can also be used for carpets and furniture.


Key Steam Cleaning Points:

  1. Steam cleaners are powerful cleaning tools that can eliminate dust mites, germs, mould, and fungus.
  2. They can be used to clean a variety of surfaces and items.


Reasons to Use Steam Cleaners

There are several reasons why steam cleaning might be good for you to use in your home:

  • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly – no chemicals are involved.
  • Steam cleaning uses heat to disinfect or sanitise nearly all household surfaces.
  • Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry faster than when cleaned with water.
  • Steam cleaning is excellent for those difficult-to-clean cracks and crevices.
  • Steam can dissolve hard-to-remove substances like ground-in wax, glue, and chewing gum.


What Can You Steam Clean?

Most household surfaces can benefit from steam cleaning, but you should always pay attention to the material you’re cleaning and think about how it will react to direct water and heat. We always remember to test a small area of the surface first to see how it will react to the process.

Upholstery, Mattresses, Curtains and Carpets

  • Steam kills dust mites and removes stains from these surfaces.
  • Using a dry steam cleaning machine and upholstery attachment for these surfaces.
  • For carpets, using a steam cleaner only for spot cleaning – use a carpet cleaning machine for large surfaces.
  • Test an inconspicuous area first to make sure the material we are cleaning is colour-fast.
  • Keep the machine moving to not soak the fabric.

Floors, Tiles, and Ceramic and Metal Fixtures

  • Steam kills germs, mould, and fungus.
  • Steam is good for cleaning grout (but not epoxy or caulking).
  • Steam should not be used on porous floor surfaces such as concrete, paving stones, limestone, marble, or unsealed hardwood.
  • Use a dry steam cleaning machine and a floor attachment for these areas.
  • Keep the machine moving and avoid pressure in one area for too long.

Glass and Mirrors

  • Using steam to clean glass and mirrors helps you avoid streaks.
  • Use a dry steam cleaning machine and a window attachment.
  • Lay a towel at the bottom of the surface we clean to catch any drips.
  • Drag from the top to the bottom in stripes.

Kitchen Appliances

  • Our steam cleaning service can sanitise rubbish bins, cutting boards, and work surfaces.
  • We can also use steam cleaning to clean the fridge and defrost the freezer.



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